Workshop Internet Security

Internet Security in Schools:

How to focus digital skills, privacy, social media & internet threats?

  • The Internet is changing not only our communication but also the whole society and our living together.
  • Challenges are arising for school teachers and parents:
  • How can our pupils and children learn the important digital skills for the 21st century and avoid cyber-bulling and threats in social media and the internet?
  • Open workshop presenting our
    strategy and tricks to surf safe

Interactive workshop:

  • Initial input (15 min.)
  • Moderated interactive discussion (90 min.) with all participants (including coffee break)
  • Wrap-up (15 min.)

Download the Poster of the Workshop “Internet Security in Schools” here.

Workshop moderators:logo_isecure

  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Christian M. Stracke (OUNL, The Netherlands)
  • Alessandra Antonaci (OUNL, The Netherlands)

Facilitated by the European consortium I Secure: