Workshop Future School Education

New Methodologies and Tools for Future School Education:

School Innovations for Inclusion and Learning-how-to-learn

  • How can we introduce evidence-based inclusive education in schools for better learning experiences and quality?
  • How can we learn-how-to-learn to address new daily digital risks and chances for all?
  • Discover & discuss new tools for improving prosociality and key 21st century learning competences:
  • Join our interactive workshop on new practices for teachers and parents!

Interactive workshop:logo_ebe-eusmosi-191_300

  • Initial input (15 min.)
  • Moderated interactive discussion (60 min.) with all participants (including coffee break)
  • Wrap-up (15 min.)

Download the Poster of the Workshop “New Methodologies and Tools for Future School Education” here.

Workshop moderators:20160404_lelle-logo_selected

  • Dr. Esther Tan (OUNL, The Netherlands)
  • Alessandra Antonaci (OUNL, The Netherlands)

Facilitated by the European consortia EBE-EUSMOSI & LELLE: