Workshop Female Entrepreneurship

Better Chances and Success for Female Entrepreneurship:

Digital skills and businesses for future female CEOs

  • How can you become a successful female entrepreneur?
  • What are the required digital skills and competences to set up your own business in the internet times?
  • Discuss these questions with experts and meet young female entrepreneurs and students who want to establish their own business soon!
  • Come to our hands-on workshop for your future business success

Interactive workshop agenda:

  • Initial input (15 min.)
  • Moderated interactive discussion (90 min.) with all participants (including coffee break)
  • Wrap-up (15 min.)

Download the Poster of the Workshop “Better Chances and Success for Female Entrepreneurship” here.

Workshop moderators:digi-fem_logo

  • Prof. Dr. Cleo Sgouropoulou (TEIA, Greece)
  • Dr. Marlies Bitter (OUNL, The Netherlands)

Facilitated by the European consortium DIGI-FEM: